Ven. Bhikkhuni Kusuma, MA,PhD

Ven Bhikkuni Kusuma, MA, PhD, is a fully ordained Buddhist nun from Sri Lanka who has pioneered the re-establishment of the Theravada Female Buddhist Order in Sri Lanka. She is the first woman in Sri Lanka to don the robes of a Bhikkuni after a lapse the Bhikkhuni order for nearly 1,000 years. She holds a BA (1974), and a MA (1982) in Theravada Buddhism. She received her PhD (1999) from the Buddhist and Pali University of Sri Lanka. Her doctoral dissertation on Bhikkuni Vinaya (rules of discipline for ordained Buddhist nuns) is regarded as a handbook for Buddhist nuns in Sri Lanka. She is a well published scholar and has participated in several international conferences. Now in her eighties, she continues to be active in bringing the higher ordination of Buddhism to women in Sri Lanka as well as abroad. Bhikkuni Kusuma lives in Sri Lanka in a meditation retreat, Ayya Khema International Buddhist Meditation Center , Olaboduwa, off Gonapala, Horana and she periodically travels overseas to teach meditation.

We have great pleasure in announcing that the Ayya Khema Meditation Centre is now fully equipped and we are able to host those interested in Meditation, Dhamma Discussions, Pali Chanting and Counselling etc in English and Sinhala. Residential facilities for batches of 10 or less at a time is most welcome. Known taxis can be arranged from the airport to the Meditation Centre.