Ayya Khema International Buddhist Meditation Center

We have great pleasure in announcing that the Ayya Khema Meditation Centre is now fully equipped and we are able to host those interested in Meditation, Dhamma Discussions, Pali Chanting and Counselling etc in English and Sinhala. Residential facilities for batches of 10 or less at a time is most welcome. Known taxis can be arranged from the airport to the Meditation Centre.

Meditation Center can accommodate upto 20 meditators at a time,both men and women. It is an ideal retreat center with modern facilities for seekers of solitude, truth and wisdom through the teachings of Buddha. Vegetarian meals are provided. People can spend a few days in meditation ( both Samatha and Vipassana ), have Dhamma discussions, get counseling, attend to rituals,do pali chanting or relax in comfort. This center is dedicated strictly for meditators from around the world.
Voluntary donations are accepted for the upkeep of the center.
The center is located in the village of Olaboduwa, surrounded by paddy fields, huge perennial rubber trees, is green all year around with fresh air and very cool.
The task of building the center was made real with donations received by Bhikkhuni Kusuma from her many talks on Buddhist Meditation and Dhamma aroound the world, and from Chinh Huu Bui of Vietnam. The land was donated by Buddha Haus, Germany. Venerable Nyannbodhi and Gerhard Link of germany are especially remembered with gratitude.

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Meditation Center
The distance to the centre from Colombo is about 25-30 km.
Take Colombo-Horana road (120 bus route) - turn left at Gonapola Junction - turn right at Olaboduwa Junction - stop at Batuwita Junction.

Ven. Bhikkhuni Kusuma can be contacted at,
Ayya Khema International Buddhist Meditation Center,
Sri Lanka.
email opticoptions@gmail.com or dilly_weera@hotmail.com

phone +94 (034) 225-3971
+94 (011) 250-1194

28, Frances Road,
Colombo 6,
Sri Lanka

Donations are welcome to cover costs.